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Arab Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary research publication in the field of Arab and Middle East Studies. Submissions are evaluated on their scholarly probity not on their theses.

ASJ is published by the Arab Studies Institute (ASI) and is housed in the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. The contents of the Journal do not necessarily represent the opinions of either Georgetown University, the Arab Studies Institute, the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, the editors, or the Editorial Review Board.

Editorial Review Board: 
Lila Abu Lughod, As‘ad AbuKhalil, Nadje al-Ali, Sinan Antoon, Walter Armbrust, Rochelle Davis, Ellen Fleischmann, William Granara, Lisa Hajjar, Rema Hammami, Michael Hudson, Wilson Chacko Jacob, Toby Jones, Zachary Lockman, Timothy Mitchell, Kirsten Scheid, Judith Tucker, Robert Vitalis

Editorial Staff:

Founding Editor - Bassam Haddad

Editor - Sherene Seikaly

Senior Editors - Ziad Abu-Rish, Allison Brown, Dina Ramadan, and Nadya Sbaiti.

Managing Editor - Lizette Baghdadi

Associate Editor - Kate Mottolla and Chris Toensing

Book Review Co-Managing Editors - Charles Anderson and Allison Brown 

Book Review Editors - Naira Antoun, Ryvka Barnard, Samuel Dolbee, Anjali Kamat, Matthew MacLean, Amir Moosavi, Ahmad Shokr, and Elizabeth Williams

Business & Circulation Manager - Zachary Cuyler

Research & Development - Samantha Brotman and Nour Joudah

Website Editors - Ziad Abu-Rish and Andrew Gabriel

Webmaster - Bien Concepcion

Graphic Design - Future Anecdotes Istanbul

Please see our Submissions Page for submission instructions, transliteration notes, and complete submission style requirements. All submissions must include the author's name, institutional affiliation, address, telephone number, and email address. The Journal conforms to the Chicago Manual of Style. Transliteration follows a modified International Journal of Middle East Studies system. The editors of the Arab Studies Journal reserve final editorial authority.

Guidelines and deadlines for submissions and advertising are available upon request.

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