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Fall 1998 / Spring 1999

Fall 1998 / Spring 1999 (Vol. VI No. 2 / Vol. VII No. 1)

Table of Contents


  1. The Second Algerian Crisis, 1992-1994: Algeria in the Memory of France
    by Osama Abi-Mershed
  2. From Securitization toward Consociation? The Civic Dynamic of Palestinian Authority-Islamist Rivalry
    by Christopher Parker and Sami Zemni
  3. The Palestinian al-Hakawati Theatre
    by Reuven Snir
  4. Two French Perspectives on Islam: Louis Massignon’s Axial and Jacque Berque’s Dialectical Islam
    by Patrick Laude

Special Section: Islamic Law and Society

  1. Fatawa and Religious Discourse as an Avenue of Participation
    by Dana Hearn
  2. In the Absence of Legal Equity: Mahr and Marriage Negotiation in Egyptian Low Income Communities
    by Homa Hoodfar
  3. An Analysis of Khayr al-Din al-Ramli’s Fatawa on Peasant Land Tenure in Seventeenth-Century Palestine
    by Sabrina Joseph
  4. “There goes the neighborhood!” Sexuality and Society in 17th-Century Kayseri
    by Patricia L. Khleif

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