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Fall 1993

Fall 1993 (Vol. I No. 2)

Table of Contents


  1. Is the “Fatwa” a Fatwa?
    by Sadiq J. Al-‘Azm
  2. Hamas: In Theory and Practice
    by Michele L. Kjorlien
  3. Weak State, Weak Society: The Labyrinth of Political Impotency in Egypt
    by Ibrahim Arafat
  4. Media Polemics and Islamism
    by Ahmad AbulJobain
  5. Middle East Studies in the Information Age
    by Jon W. Anderson
  6. Notes on an Agenda for Women’s Studies: The Arab World
    by Judith Tucker
  7. Secular Feminism vs. Islamist Feminism in Palestine
    by Dina Abu-Ghaida
  8. Simulating Middle East Politics on the Internet
    by Michael C. Hudson
  9. Sovereignty and Natural Law in Islamic Constitutional Theory: A Contemporary Analysis
    by Khaled Elgindy
  10. Islamic Liberals and Secularism
    by Bassam SA Haddad
  11. A Note on the Study of Homosexuality in the Arab/Islamic Civilization
    by As’ad AbuKhalil
  12. The Boiling Point: Water and Peace in the Arab-Israeli Crisis
    by Dina Jadallah
  13. Congressional Response to Israeli Closure of Palestinian Schools: A Study in Lobby-Influenced Self-Limitation of Policy
    by Matthew Wojcik
  14. Early Arab Nationalism and the Orthodox of Syria: A Comparative Approach to the Sectarian Environment
    by Phillip C. Allen
  15. CCAS’ 18th Annual Symposium: Islamism and Secularism in North Africa
    by Mohammad Ma’ali
  16. Constructing a Loose Canon in Arab Studies
    by Kathy Spillman
  17. Novels of Escape & Alienation: A Comparative Review of Six Days and A Perfect Peace
    by David Harris

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