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Spring 1994

Spring 1994 (Vol. II No. 1)

Table of Contents


  1. Pillars, Petroleum and Power: The United States in the Gulf
    by Stephen Brannan
  2. Rethinking the Special Relationship: The Bush Administration’s Policy on Loan Guarantees to Israel
    by Bryce Giddens
  3. Reconstruction Through Deconstruction: A Critical Reading of the Discourse on Lebanon Since the Civil War
    by Lucia Volk
  4. French Regulation of Prostitution in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Algeria
    by Bruce W. Dunne
  5. The Republican Guards and Saddam Hussein’s Transformation of the Iraqi Army
    by William D. Huggins
  6. State and Religion in Saudi Arabia
    by Michele L. Michele
  7. Zionist Politics and the Law: The Meaning of the Green Line
    by Lisa Hajjar

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