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Spring 2010

Spring 2010 (Vol. XVIII No. 1)

From The Editors:

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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Visual Arts and Art Practices in the Middle East

Theme Articles

  1. Authenticity and Its Modernist Discontents: The Colonial Encounter and African and Middle Eastern Art History
    by Prita Meier
  2. Daoud Corm, Cosmopolitan Nationalism, and the Origins of Lebanese Modern Art
    by Sarah Rogers
  3. Egyptian Surrealism and “Degenerate Art” in 1939
    by Don LaCoss
  4. On Being “the Other” in Post-Civil War Lebanon: Aid and the Politics of Art in Processes of Contemporary Cultural Production
    by Hanan Toukan


  1. Hashemitism, Jordanian National Identity, and the Abu Odeh Episode
    by Stefanie Nanes
  2. Ottoman Reform, Islam, and Palestine’s Peasantry
    by Erik Eliav Freas


  1. A Constant State of Urgency
  2. Street Talk: On Infrastructure and Pleasures
  3. Six-Shooters and Nationalist Stamps: A Conversation Between Naeem Mohaiemen and Haig Aivazian
  4. When Global Art Meanders on a Magic Carpet: A Conversation on Tehran's Roaming Biennial
  5. To Participate or Follow? (Views on the Current Situation of the Istanbul Art Scene)


  1. Interview with Wafaa Bilal

Theme Reviews

  1. Palestinian Art: From 1850 to the Present
    by Kamal Boullata
    reviewed by Rhonda A. Saad
  2. Off the Wall: Political Posters of the Lebanese Civil War
    by Zeina Maasri
    reviewed by Sune Haugbolle
  3. Tarjama/Translation. ArteEast Exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art, New York. 10 May – 27 September 2009
    reviewed by Clare Davies
  4. Iran Inside Out. Group Show, Chelsea Art Museum, New York City. 26 June – 5 September 2009
    reviewed by Kamran Rastegar
  5. What Keeps Mankind Alive?. 11th International Art Exhibition, Istanbul Biennial. 12 September – 8 November 2009
    reviewed by Nermin Saybasili
  6. Making Worlds // Hacer Mundos // Fare Mundi. 53rd International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale. 7 June – 22 November 2009
    reviewed by Nada Shabout

Book Reviews

  1. The Other Iraq: Pluralism and Culture in Hashemite Iraq
    by Orit Bashkin
    reviewed by Haytham Bahoora
  2. Conflicted Antiquities: Egyptology, Egyptomania, Egyptian Modernity
    by Elliott Colla
    reviewed by Yasmine Ramadan
  3. Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success
    by Christopher M. Davidson
    reviewed by Arang Keshavarzian
  4. The Power of Representation: Publics, Peasants, and Islam in Egypt
    by Michael Ezekiel Gasper
    reviewed by Aaron Jakes
  5. A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire
    by M. Sükrü Hanioğlu
    reviewed by Cenk Palaz
  6. My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness: A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century
    by Adina Hoffman
    reviewed by Hala Khamis Nassar
  7. Poets for Palestine
    by Remi Kanazi, ed.
    reviewed by Ahmad Diab
  8. Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror
    by Mahmood Mamdani
    reviewed by Caitlyn Bolton
  9. The Politics of Chaos in the Middle East
    by Oliver Roy
    reviewed by Matthew Berkman
  10. Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation
    by Eyal Weizman
    reviewed by On Barak
  11. Power and Water in the Middle East: The Hidden Politics of the Palestinian-Israeli Water Conflict
    by Mark Zeitoun
    reviewed by Nicholas Rowe

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