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Fall 2004 / Spring 2005

Fall 2004 / Spring 2005 (Vol. XII No. 2 / Vol. XIII No. 1)

Table of Contents


  1. The Deaf in Ottoman Syria, 16th - 18th Centuries
    by Sara Scalenghe
  2. Blinding Ignorance: Medical Science, Diseased Eyes, and Religious Practice in Egypt
    by Sherine F. Hamdy
  3. Attempts at Liberation: Body Materialization and Community Building Among Palestinian Political Captives
    by Esmail al-Nashif
  4. "I Am a Whore But I Will Be a Good Mother": On the Production and Consumption of the Female Body in Egypt
    by Lucie Ryzova
  5. Dancing the Hootchy Kootchy: The Belly Dancer as Embodiment of Socio-Cultural Tensions
    by Amira Jarmakani
  6. Biology and "Created Nature": Gender and the Body in Popular Islamic Literature from Modern Turkey and the West
    by Taner Edis
  7. The Politics of Bellydancing in Cairo
    by Shannon Arvizu

Book Reviews

  1. They Die Strangers: A Novella and Stories from Yemen
    by Muhammad Abdul-Wali
    reviewed by Gregory D. Johnson
  2. Modern Arab Historiography: Historical Discourse and the Nation-State
    by Youssef Chouieri
    reviewed by Elizabeth Bishop
  3. From Arab Nationalism to OPEC" Eisenhower, King Sa'ud, and the Making of U.S.-Saudi Relations,
    by Nathan J. Citino
    reviewed by Peter C. Valenti
  4. The Nation and Its "New" Women: The Palestinian Women's Movement, 1920-1948
    by Ellen Fleischmann
    reviewed by Noah Haiduc-Dale
  5. The Polymath
    by Bensalem Himmich
    reviewed by Gretchen Head
  6. Tormented Births: Passages to Modernity in Europe and the Middle East
    by Isam Al-Khafaji
    reviewed by Simon Jackson
  7. The Nature of the Early Ottoman State
    by Heath Lowry
    reviewed by James E. Baldwin
  8. The Politics of Denial: Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
    by Nur Masalha
    reviewed by Samuel Jacob Kuruvilla
  9. The Bullet Collection
    by Patricia Sarrafian Ward
    reviewed by Amira Pierce
  10. Toward a New Approach to Ottoman Historiography
    reviewed by Isa Blumi
  11. Beyond the Saudi "Enigma,"
    reviewed by Peter C. Valenti
  12. Imagining Lebanese Nationalism
    reviewed by Max David Weiss
  13. Unruly Subjects: Middle Eastern Women in Two Documentary Films
    reviewed by Robert Avila

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