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Fall 2003 / Spring 2004

Fall 2003 / Spring 2004 (Vol. XI No. 2 / Vol. XII No. 1)

Table of Contents


  1. The Ba’albakk Festival and the Rahbanis: Folklore, Ancient History, Musical Theater, and Nationalism in Lebanon
    by Christopher Stone
  2. Picaresque Narratives and Cultural Dissimulation in Colonial North African Literature
    by William Granara
  3. The Role of Education in Minority Identity Formation in an Ethnic State: The Case of Palestinian Arab Youth in Southern Israel
    by Ismael Abu-Saad
  4. Discourses on the "War on Terrorism" in the U.S. and its Views on the Arab, Muslim, and Gendered "Other"
    by Mervat F. Hatem
  5. A Response to As'ad AbuKhalil's Review of Farid el Khazen's Book (ASJ, Fall 2002/ Spring 2003) The Breakdown of the State in Lebanon
    by Farid el-Khazen

Book Reviews

  1. Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East, 1945-2000
    by Melani McAlister
    reviewed by Daniel Widener
  2. Rak‘atan fi al-‘ishq: dirasa fi shi‘r ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayyati
    by Reuven Snir
    reviewed by Ibrahim Taha
  3. The Committee
    by Son‘allah Ibrahim
    reviewed by Sam England
  4. The Female Circumcision Controversy: An Anthropological Perspective
    by Ellen Gruenbaum
    reviewed by Jean-Michel Lamoine
  5. Unipolarity and the Middle East
    by Birthe Hansen
    reviewed by Morten Valbjørn
  6. Colors of Enchantment: Theater, Dance, Music, and the Visual Arts of the Middle East
    Edited by Sherifa Zuhur
    reviewed by Anne Elise Thomas
  7. Globalization and the Politics of Development in the Middle East Women and Globalization in the Arab Middle East: Gender, Economy & Society
    by Islam Encountering Globalization
    reviewed by Yoon Hui Kim
  8. In the Name of God by Yasmina Khadra Wolf Dreams by Yasmina Khadra
    reviewed by Jonathan Smolin
  9. The Arabian Seas: The Indian Ocean World of the 17th Century On the Edge of Empire: Hadharamawt, Emigration, and the Indian Ocean, 1880s-1930s Modernity and Culture: From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean
    reviewed by Jennifer Derr
  10. Law and Colonial Cultures: Legal Regimes in World History
    by Lauren Benton
    reviewed by Mario M. Ruiz
  11. Najd Before the Salafi Reform Movement: Social, Political, and Religious Conditions During the Three Centuries Preceding the Rise of the Saudi State
    by Uwaidah M. Al-Juhany
    reviewed by Nadav Samin
  12. “Believing Women” in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an
    by Asma Barlas
    reviewed by Zayn Kassam
  13. Identity and Foreign Policy in the Middle East
    Edited by Shibley Telhami and Michael Barnett
    reviewed by Scott Rothstein
  14. May Her Likes Be Multiplied: Biography and Gender Politics in Egypt
    by Marilyn Booth
    reviewed by Shaun Lopez
  15. After Jihad by Noah Feldman Terror and Liberalism by Paul Berman
    reviewed by Robyn Creswell
  16. Islamic Conversions: Religious Identities in Mediterranean Islam
    Edited by Mercedes García -Arenal
    reviewed by Will Hanley
  17. Syria: Neither Bread nor Freedom
    by Alan George
    reviewed by Joshua A. Stacher
  18. People and Pollution: Cultural Constructions and Social Action in Egypt
    by Nicholas S. Hopkins, Sohair R. Mehanna, and Salah el-Haggar
    reviewed by Heather M. Alden
  19. Conflicts in the Middle East Since 1945
    by Beverley Milton-Edwards and Peter Hinchcliffe
    reviewed by Barak A. Salmoni
  20. An Arab-Syrian Gentleman and Warrior in the Period of the Crusades: Memoirs of Usamah Ibn-Munqidh
    Edited by Philip K. Hitti, translator
    reviewed by Dana Sajdi
  21. Death in Troy
    by Bilge Karasu
    reviewed by Matthew Goldman
  22. Beyond the Handshake: Multilateral Cooperation in the Arab- Israeli Peace Process, 1991-1996
    by Dalia Dassa Kaye
    reviewed by Scott Rothstein
  23. Bad Moon Rising: A Chronicle of the Middle East Today
    by Gilles Kepel
    reviewed by Mikkel Landsdorf
  24. A Revolutionary Year: The Middle East in 1958
    Edited by William Roger Louis and Roger Owen
    reviewed by Amy Zalman
  25. Sufism, Music and Society in Turkey and the Middle East
    Edited by Anders Hammarlund, Tord Olsson, and Elisabeth Ozdalga
    reviewed by Ryan Greene-Roesel
  26. Islamic Art and Literature: Textuality and Visuality in the Islamic World
    Edited by Oleg Grabar and Cynthia Robinson
    reviewed by Michael Chagnon
  27. Palestine by Joe Sacco Persepolis by Marjane Satapi
    reviewed by Bhakti Shringarpure
  28. Muslim Women Mystics: The Life and Work of Rabi‘a and Other Women Mystics in Islam
    by Margaret Smith
    reviewed by Leyla Amzi
  29. Algeria 1830-2000: A Short History
    by Benjamin Stora
    reviewed by Anthony Alessandrini
  30. The New Iranian Cinema: Politics, Representation, and Identity
    Edited by Richard Tapper
    reviewed by Leili Kashani
  31. The Author and His Doubles: Essays on Classical Arabic Culture by Abdelfattah Kilito Fugitive Light by Mohamed Berrada
    reviewed by Nasrin Qader
  32. Islamic Fundamentalism in Egyptian Politics: Updated Edition by Barry Rubin Mobilizing Islam: Religion, Activism, and Political Change in Egypt Edited by Carrie Rosefsky Wickham
    reviewed by Kristin Tassin
  33. Moving Out of Hebrew: On Language & Power A Conversation Between Oz Shelach and Ammiel Alcal

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