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Please submit your completed article as a Microsoft Word document (not PDF)) to the Editor: editor@arabstudiesjournal.org


Content Requirements

Arab Studies Journal editorial policy requires that articles be based on original research and the critical analysis of archival and/or other primary source materials. ASJ bases its evaluation on scholarly probity and not on theses.

ASJ seeks submission that focus on the area encompassing the Arab world, Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, and Israel, from the seventh century to the present. Articles on communities or politics in other regions of the world that had or have strong Middle Eastern ties or contexts, or on relations between those regions and the Middle East, are strongly encouraged. Submissions may fall within the disciplines of history, anthropology, sociology, political science, economics, literature, art and architecture, religion, and law. ASJ does not accept technical or highly specialized material, policy pieces, nor does it publish work in the areas of administration or training. Please look at recent articles for further information on what ASJ publishes.


Style and Format Requirements

Length and Format: Submitted articles should be between 25-40 double spaced pages, or 6,500 and 10,000 words, with 12-point font (Times New Roman), and including endnotes. All footnoted articles will be returned to authors. All material submitted to ASJ must follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, and the ASJ Styleguide (also see IJMES Common Word List). Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will be returned.

Transliteration: Please review the transliteration section of the ASJ Styleguide (and IJMES Common Word List) before submitting any material with transliterated text to ASJ. For consistency in transliteration, we follow the IJMES system. 

Language and Translation: ASJ only publishes work in English, although we do accept original work that has been translated from another language. That translation must read smoothly, clearly, and with all appropriate grammatical and ideational structures for the article to move forward in the review process. ASJ does not provide in-house translation services.

Abstract: All submissions must include a 200-word abstract.

Author Identification and Anonymity: Authors should include name, position and institutional affiliation, email, and phone number with the submission. Authors should furthermore take care to remove ALL identifying markers in the “properties” section of MS Word before submission to ensure anonymity to external reviewers.


Editorial Process and Timeline: Submission to Publication

N.B.: Authors must not have submitted the article elsewhere simultaneously and the article must not have been published elsewhere in any language.

(1) Within two weeks of receipt, ASJ editors will send authors either an official confirmation email or a notification that the submission does not conform to ASJ guidelines. If you do not hear back from us within two weeks of submitting an article, please inquire.

(2) The editorial office initially evaluates submitted manuscripts that conform to ASJ guidelines, usually within 4-8 weeks of receipt. Those articles that are rejected at this stage do not receive editorial comments. Those that show the greatest promise of being published in ASJ will have all identifying traits of the author removed and then submitted to several anonymous reviewers who specialize in the area(s) most relevant to the manuscript. The first round of peer review is typically completed 3-6 months from the date of submission.

Refereeing categories include Accept Pending Revisions; Revise and Resubmit; and Reject:

  • Accept Pending Revisions means that the article is accepted for publication contingent upon the author addressing the referees’ comments. Should the author disagree with particular editorial requests, we ask for some explanation of the disagreement.
  • Revise and Resubmit means that we require significant changes by the author before we can accept the article for publication. The author is encouraged to redraft per the suggested changes and to resubmit the article for a second round of refereeing.
  • Reject means that the article failed to meet basic criteria and standards, per the above, or was otherwise deemed unsuitable for publication. Reviewer comments will be included.

(3) Following revisions, accepted drafts are proofread for clarity, consistency, and precision. It is not unusual for this part of the editorial process to include new queries to the author or requests for clarification. Depending on our schedule and publication cycle, this process can take up to twelve weeks.

(4) After copyedits have been made and the author has provided any necessary revisions and clarifications, the final proofs are sent to the review author for approval, after which the review goes to production.

Total time from submission to print is usually 9-15 months, although ASJ reserves the right to alter that schedule on a case-by-case basis.

Authors can expect to receive two complimentary copies of the issue of ASJ in which their work appears, as well as offprints of their article. Depending on printing and mailing schedules, receipt of these items may take up to six weeks.

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